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About Us

We are excited to share with you God's vision for Conviction For Christ Ministries. God birthed this ministry in 1991 and has provided a path for thousands of people to be reached through God's Music and Word. God has annointed Eddie B. with the gift of music, writing, and the ability to produce music. Along with Eddie's testimony and God's annointing, Eddie is able to fulfill God's purpose using soundtracks during every show. The future holds many open doors for Conviction For Christ Ministries.

Eddie and his wife, Sandi, are thanking God for the ability to give away 100,000 CDs to prisoners, along with school kids and the untouched in the inter-cities of America. To date, over 18,000 have already been given away!

We would like to thank those of you who have supported Conviction For Christ Ministries. By purchasing one CD for $20, this enables us to give away 10 CDs. We want to encourage you to pray about supporting God's vision through Conviction For Christ Ministries. Join us in blessing those who have never heard about the love of Christ. Help us to continue to bless people with CDs so that Christ can continue to move in their lives after we are gone.

New believers need to have more than a one-time experience with Jesus. They need to have the tools to follow through with their commitment to choose Christ. Through this ministry and your support, we can continue to give away CDs that will encourage and minister to them. Lets all be a part of the discipleship that is needed to continue God's work in these lives. God will bless you for sowing into His ministry.

Mission Statement

The mission of Conviction For Christ Ministry is to reach out to the prison system of the United States. Eddie B., Sandi B., and a team of 39 missionaries from Conviction For Christ Ministries are responsible for 581 Bible Studies in prisons throughout the United States, in addition to holding events in schools and churches, writing, correspondence, and discipleship programs for the cause of Christ. Our desire is to be in every prison in the United States.

For the past 22 years, we have been making our mark in the prison system with thousands coming to know Christ every year. While the doors of the prison systems are opening to our ministry, we have been able to give away over 22,000 CDs to inmates and school children. Conviction For Christ Ministries absolutely needs your prayer as we continue to boldly answer the call that Christ has placed on us!

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