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Conviction for Christ Idaho
Conviction for Christ Idaho
Pastor Tim & Stacey Driskell
PO Box 1265
Meridian, ID 83680
Phone # (208) 989-7919 / (208) 989-8188
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Conviction for Christ Idaho is a non-denominational outreach of Conviction for Christ Ministries.

The vision of Conviction for Christ Ministries is to build a Discipleship Center to raise up Missionaries to be used as a platform to train, support, and guide Missionaries to fulfill our mission for God.

Currently we are overseeing six prisons. With the help of eight volunteers we are giving ten church services a week. We are ministering in the men's minimum and medium security prisons as well as the women's prisons.

This has been such an honorable calling that Christ has given us just to let these men and women know that they do matter and Jesus loves them no matter what has happened in their lives. Many of them are some incredible people who are just products of their environment and all they need is to know they are loved, they are important and just need encouragement and confidence that they too can make a difference in their lives and all they touch.

We believe that bringing the gospel behind the walls is so important not only to changing the lives of those incarcerated but the lives of others. Christ is a powerful gift that once an inmate gets a relationship with God, they are able to make such a positive impact on society. With their past life experiences, they are able to reach people that would otherwise be unreachable. They are ready to use their lives to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.

The following is a schedule of our services and bible studies:

  • Monday - Service at the SICI-Yard and ICC
  • Tuesday - The 4th Tues of the month, service at SICI-Yard
  • Saturday - Bible study in the am at ISCI-Farm
    Bible study in the afternoon at SICI-Yard
    Bible study in Canyon County at Flying M Coffee House
  • Sunday - Bible study in the afternoon at the CAP Program
    The 1st Sunday evening at Womens PRC movie night
  • Various Days - Jail visitations at Canyon and Ada County jails

Inmates are also given access to our correspondence program called "Conviction Companion." Through this correspondence ministry, they can find answers they may have concerning the word of God.

Please prayerfully consider helping us continue the work behind the walls. This year we are dedicated to growing the ministry and we are asking for your help to do so.

God Bless, Tim and Stacey Driskell

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