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Eddie's Testimony

Ok, here it is. Many have wanted this testimony over the years. Now, for the kingdom, Eddie B. tells all.

At the age of five years old, I wanted to be a rock star and singing was my thing and life seemed to have a purpose. But two years later, my Mom and Dad got a divorce and sent me down a staircase that had no bottom.

At nine years old, I was already out of control, drinking beer, smoking dope, and had my first trip with angel dust. All that time, I thought I needed this for my resume as a rock star. By the time I was 12, cutting school and getting suspended was the norm.

The Psychiatrist said I was emotionally disturbed. Hello. So they wanted to put me away until I was 18 because of my behavior. But my Dad stepped in and took me from New York to Texas to the woods. The nearest store was 14 miles, no town, no drugs so I invented a way to get high. Gasoline and paint thinner became my way out. God, I was crying out and nobody could hear me. Finally, then school started and met up with some stoners and dope was found. But school was the last thing I wanted. I failed 7th grade 3 times and walked out at sixteen.

Yeah, I was gonna be the next rock star. Yeah, the devil was setting me up and stealing my education. Fighting with my Dad seemed like an everyday thing and he was trying to help me. He was doing his best but I was determined to fail. At 17 I got married, she had a kid, I tried to be a father even though I didn’t know if she was mine or not, got a job and thought, real soon, I would make it. Well, like everything else, two years later it was over.

Sitting in a prison cell looking at 5 years in the pen. Yeah, my life, my story. Yet, I could not make the music happen and again my Dad rescued me again. And we moved to New Mexico.

Well, fresh start, yeah right. It just got worse. I hooked up with a small gang, started selling drugs. Making bank, taking over, no, it was taking me over. I found myself shooting up dope. In and out of jail became my life. Yeah, remember, I wanted to be a rock star.

Now the only thing I could carry was a 9 and a needle. Kicked out of everything. Nobody wanted me hanging out cause I was looking to rip you off to get the crank. That monster drove me till I was sleeping on the streets and a park bench became my resting place.

I finally had enough. Ninety six pounds. I went home. My Dad again let me in only if I would watch church on Sunday. I'd never seen him pray, much less watched church. Yeah, Dad, ok. That didn't last long. I was back out on the street.

I finally turned to Christ in an empty church. I knew I was dying and nobody could help me. I prayed, “God, put me in a place where I can't get drugs”. Well, He answered. I got busted a week later. I found myself back to the place where I was running from.

Already, I had shaved down my toothbrush into a shank and was ready for anything. The same day, an inmate came to my cell to pray for me. I told him go away. But the next day, he was there again and so I let him pray for the next four months.

I got Jesus, but as you know, when I was released I went back to the only thing I knew. Selling drugs, but this time I got hooked up with syndicated crime, running drugs, getting the money. That was my game. Far from the call of God.

But I had given my life to Him and He was calling. I made my mind up, I was gonna leave and serve the Lord. But to leave, was to die. I choose to die for Christ. They chose to put a contract on me . I had left state and met a man who discipled me for the next three years.

I got baptized, married again and went to evangelism school. I had three children and the move of God was taking off. I began to write songs from the Lord. I moved back to New Mexico to face my fear.

And God has protected me to this day.

I started a prison ministry and pastored a church. Well known in the community as one who came from the streets, signed a record deal, got hits on the radio. Man, things seem to be going good. But then my wife left me and the kids. And our lives were shattered like pieces of glass on the floor. Even my friends left me. The radio station in my town stopped playing the music. And the very people I looked to love me in Christ, left me.

People told me, give up the ministry. That was the only thing in my life that never let me down. So I kept on preaching and doing music. God told me He would bless me through this to write a CD of praise. I did not know how to play, much less record. But God taught me how to record and play other instruments. Even then, it was tearing me apart about my kids, but I held onto Jesus. That year I entered into a song competition and won Song of the Year.

The Lord gave me a scripture, Psalms 68:6. I put it in the rear view mirror of my car. Then God introduced me to Sandi, who preached Christ to me more than any person I have ever met. Her life was a breath of fresh air. She loves me for me. She also had the same thing with her husband, leaving her with three kids. We struggled with the issue of remarrying with all we had. But after a year of counseling, we decided to marry. And man, everything I ever wanted in a wife, I found. I never knew a love like this existed and to find a rose in the desert was the most refreshing thing I had in years.

Well, my dream of becoming a rock star never came true. Thank God. But singing for Him was His dream for me. Watch what you're dreaming.

Through Christ he has allowed me to accomplish and reach bigger and better dreams than I could have ever imagined. I have been able to produce 33 CD's, charted at #21 on a top 100 chart out of Nashville, Tennessee been a 6 time winner of New Mexico's Mic-line award and nominated 27 times. I have been honored to have 5 of his songs featured in 2 movies, and is receiving radio airplay all over the United States. On "Indie Heaven" I had 3 number one songs, and I went international with the song "Not Alone" with CRW. In May of 2013, I signed on with Tate Records. I have authored 3 books, completed a Mixing degree from Berkley School of Music, completed an associate degree in Theology with Berean School of the Bible through Global University and received a doctorate degree with Agape Bible College.

Amazing what God can do with just a little bit of dust. I thank you Jesus for turning my mess into a message.

Eddie B

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